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Beijing 2022 Guides the Public to Low Carbon Lifestyle

Source: Science and Technology Daily | 2022-05-13 10:09:29 | Author: YU?Haoyuan

By YU Haoyuan

The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games was the first carbon-neutral Olympic Games. With the vigorous promotion made by Beijing Municipal Government, carbon neutrality will continue to be promoted in the capital and gradually spread throughout China, providing the possibility for Chinese people to live in a low-carbon modern society.

Beijing 2022 is based on the concept of low-carbon and green development. According to the official website of the Olympic Games, during Beijing 2022, all competition venues were powered by renewable energy. In addition, among all vehicles serving for the games, the number of energy-saving and clean-energy vehicles accounted for 85 percent of all vehicles, proving that a low-carbon lifestyle could be normalized in the future.

The low-carbon management during Beijing 2022 was embraced by Chinese people, and the idea of a low-carbon life has gained widespread public attention. According to Tencent's online survey, most people consider that construction of green buildings, reuse and renovation of Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics Stadium and the use of green power are very effective for Beijing 2022 low-carbon goal.

Surveyed people believe that the success of Beijing 2022 could bring improvements of low-carbon actions in future: 84.1 percent of them agree, including 52.8 percent strongly agreeing that a low-carbon lifestyle is able to effectively reduce carbon emissions. Although 33.3 percent of people argue that a low-carbon lifestyle could reduce the quality of life, 78.9 percent of them express their strong desire to practice a low-carbon lifestyle. For some people, it seems acceptable to reduce the quality of life in order to achieve a low-carbon lifestyle.

Nearly 50 percent of Internet users are unaware of how to live in a low-carbon life or how to start the process. It is therefore an important area of responsibility of the public green and low-carbon national action system to improve the public's understanding of a low-carbon life, and providing this as the foundation of promoting ecological protection.

Beijing 2022 has become a great example for the world to lower its emissions. China is expected to develop its society rapidly for the sake of achieving carbon peaking and carbon neutrality based on the successful experience.

All figures used in the article are from a Tencent's online survey of 12,088 people from 31 provincial administrative divisions in China.

Editor: 余昊原

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