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  • Ethical Norms Ensure Scientific Research on Right Way

    The research ethics, which includes a broad set of standards, values, and institutional arrangements that regulate research activities, will help to ensure that researchers can be held accountable to the public.

  • Tough IPR Protection to Energize Seed Industry Development

    China will introduce stronger intellectual property rights (IPRs) protection for the seed industry to boost innovation on new plant varieties, and strive to form a complete system for protecting the IPRs of seeds by 2023, according to a guideline issued recently by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and eight other departments.

  • Maintaining a Good Academic Ethos

    In the revised Law on Progress of Science and Technology, the construction of a good academic ethos is highlighted in article 98, marking the fact that the country’s sci-tech governance has achieved new heights.

  • Tech Innovation Drives China's Low Carbon Development

    To tackle the challenges of climate change, more than 130 countries and regions have put forward the goal of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality. Sci-tech innovation is the key component to achieving this goal.

  • Belt and Road Initiative Goes Green

    China is expected to advance the green development of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), strengthen international cooperation with relevant countries, and make green a defining feature of the initiative, according to a guideline issued recently by the National Development and Reform Commission and three other departments.

  • Big Breaks for Innovation-based Private Enterprises

    In early April, the Ministry of Science and Technology and All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce held a meeting centered on supporting private sci-tech enterprises in growing to be national leading enterprises and world-class enterprises.

  • Promoting Int'l Sci-tech Cooperation Through Legislation

    To address common challenges facing humanity, such as food security, energy security, health and climate change, global sci-tech cooperation is required.

  • Promising Outlook for New Energy Storage Solutions

    To promote large-scale, high-quality development of new energy storage ability, the National Development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Administration of China recently issued the 14th Five-Year (2021-2025) Plan for Development of New Types of Energy Storage, aimed at providing more support for China's carbon emissions peaking and carbon neutrality goals.

  • Regional Innovation, Cooperation Accelerate China's Prosperity

    In the revised Law on Progress of Science and Technology, more targeted measures are put forward to encourage regional development.

  • Good News for Sci-tech Workers

    In order to motivate researchers to climb up sci-tech peak, many policies that benefit researchers are put forward in this revised Law on Progress of Science and Technology.

  • Green Hydrogen Powers China's Energy Future

    China plans to further promote the construction of hydrogen energy infrastructure and expand its applications.

Top News

  • Hua? Tuo,? a? renowned? ancient Chinese physician, was a pioneer in developing numerous classical ways of promoting health and well-being. He attached great importance to the benefits of moderate exercise in preventing diseases.

Tech Blueprint Laid out for Transport Sector

China has unveiled a five-year plan on developing transport technologies to drive green, smart and digital transformation of the transport sector.

Mateverse: Lower Your Expectations on Its Investments

Since Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook's morphing into Meta and its metaverse concept, the somewhat obscure new evolution of social connection has become very popular. Despite not being fully understood, many people are still willing to hop onto the investing bandwagon, believing it could be a lucrative opportunity to get rich quickly.

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