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  • China's Food Security Miracle in Past Four Decades

    I have been living in China since 2017. Every day, I feel my life is delightful because China is a friendly country with good people, a beautiful environment, comfortable weather, delicious food, and fast development.

  • An Unforgettable Experience in Yunnan

    Dr. Eckehard Scharfschwerdt comes from a small town in Germany. In his childhood, his parents would take him to visit other European countries, where he enjoyed meeting people and learning about different cultures. After graduating from the University of G?ttingen with a degree in medicine, he participated in medical aid projects in Indonesia and Nepal.

  • Cross-Border E-commerce Can Help Alleviate Poverty in Global South

    The Chinese experience in cross-border e-commerce evolution and development, can be viewed as inspiration in the context of poverty alleviation in the Global South, especially in Africa.

  • China's Combating COVID-19 Policy Effective in Many Ways

    His story with China began with "a personal connection between the University of Oxford and China," and he still has vivid memories of his first visit to Beijing on "an extremely cold winter day."

  • China Left a Lasting Impression on Me

    I had just finished taking my final exam in college when my family called me and told me that I had been accepted to study in China. With great excitement, I got home and saw my admission notice from Northwestern Polytechnic University (NPU) in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province.

  • Panda Man's Journey to China

    Since August 2019, a young Kazakh named Ruslan Tulenov has served as Senior Supervisor at the Hainan Provincial Bureau of International Economic Development (Hainan IEDB).

  • PHOTO NEWS|Expat Volunteer in Shanghai

    Habib Ur Rehman, a Pakistani expat living in Shanghai, is doing the volunteer job during the nucleic test activity.

  • China-MENA Relations:An Example of Win-win Cooperation

    The Silk Road was China's first economic expansion toward the West, connecting China through Central Asia and the Indian subcontinent to Europe. It wasn't only a route to connect markets and creating wealth, but was also a bridge to link people and exchange?culture and knowledge.

  • A Colorful China in the Eye of A Geologist

    Dr. Marie-Luce Chevalier, a Belgian/French geologist, has been working as a research professor at the Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences in Beijing since 2010.

  • Toward Quality-Education in China

    ?The development taking place around the world has led to changes of all concepts about classic teaching. The current era requires us to develop the teaching process in dynamic forms and methods. The concept of education has been renovated from a mere transfer of knowledge through indoctrination, into more advanced and complex tasks and operations aimed at achieving the comprehensive and integrated growth of the learners.

  • China-Brazil Vaccine Cooperation, a World Model

    Dimas Covas, a health expert and director of the Butantan Institute, Brazil, was bestowed with the 2021 Chinese Government Friendship Award by the Chinese government, making him the first Brazilian expert in the health field to receive this honor.

Top News

  • Hua? Tuo,? a? renowned? ancient Chinese physician, was a pioneer in developing numerous classical ways of promoting health and well-being. He attached great importance to the benefits of moderate exercise in preventing diseases.

Tech Blueprint Laid out for Transport Sector

China has unveiled a five-year plan on developing transport technologies to drive green, smart and digital transformation of the transport sector.

Mateverse: Lower Your Expectations on Its Investments

Since Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook's morphing into Meta and its metaverse concept, the somewhat obscure new evolution of social connection has become very popular. Despite not being fully understood, many people are still willing to hop onto the investing bandwagon, believing it could be a lucrative opportunity to get rich quickly.

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